CrazyWenky FAQ

My land is not in the shipping list, it is however possible to place an order?

- I added a few countries to the shipping list, but some countries have different requirements and are not easy to handle. So if you miss your country please write me a message and we find a solution!

Some products I want to order are not in stock. When they are available again?

- I give my best to restock all sold products every 3-4 weeks but you can ask me for the current situation of the wished product and I will give you answer when they are back in stock.

Is there any chance for cheaper shipping?

- I send all parcels insured with tracking number. Not only for your certitude but also for mine too. So it’s the safest solution for both with tracking number. But If you want a cheaper solution we can manage it without tracking but then without insurance and your risk should the parcel get lost in the post nirvana just ask if you want that.

Do you build all stuff by yourself?

- Yes all stuff is handmade! I don’t like the mass production without any love for the product. So you won’t find any low-wage country mass products here.

How is the finishing of the plinths?

- Every plinth is good sanded and ready for lacquer there is no sanding needed for standard coloring.

The plinth I got is smooth, but after coloring the surface feels like sandpaper what can I do?

- Wood sucks out the water of the paint and then small wood fibers can stand up. To remove this you always have to apply a second lacquer layer after you sand the first one. The second one should be much smoother now.

Why are the additional costs for black plinths that much?

- Some competitors only spray their plinths black and sell it “colored”. But wooden plinths shouldn’t get only one coat of color. Every standard plinth without color is already sanded. I apply one layer of black lacquer. After this coat is dry the whole plinthgets polished again and after this I add the second layer of black lacquer. Is the last layer dry the Plinth get a final coat of a matt satin varnish. So you see there are a lot of steps for the colored plinths to get a good look.


Do you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me :)


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